Extra special Kickstarter reward added – own the original Mr Coconut…

We did not want it to come to this. But Mr Coconut is not very happy with us. (Here’s him not looking very happy at our studio party last night.)

He says we promised that we would make his story into a book. And now, with only a week to go before the end of our Kickstarter campaign, Mr Coconut doesn’t think we’re going to reach our target. He’s accusing us of incompetence, and using some very un-child friendly language.

So Mr Coconut has told us that he wants to be put up himself as a reward, as the grandest of Kickstarter rewards. That he wants to be sold to the highest Kickstarter pledge – if that’s what it’s going to take to see his book made. He doesn’t seem to care that this might mean being posted off to the other side of the world.

We’ve reluctantly agreed. But we don’t know what we should ask as a pledge for the puppet Mr C, he’s a bit priceless to us. (Catherine doesn’t really want to let him go at all.)

So we thought we’d make it a kind of auction, that will work like this: for the next 5 days, up until 2pm GMT on Thursday 20 March, you can leave a message to say how much you would pledge for the original puppet Mr Coconut from the book (once he has finished all his modelling and acting duties), lovingly parcelled up and sent to you anywhere in the world. And if at 2pm on Thursday the highest bid will take us over our target, we will add an extra reward to the Kickstarter page, where the highest bidder will be able to pledge for Mr C.

You can leave a message to say how much you would pledge:

  • as a comment at the bottom of this post
as a comment on the Kickstarter page (only current backers can leave comments here)
  • as a comment on the same post about the auction on Mr C’s Facebook page

We will check all of these, and contact the highest bidder later on Thursday afternoon.

Of course if we don’t make our target in 7 days time then we’ll get to keep Mr Coconut (I think we’ll be secretly relieved). So the closer we are to our target, the more chance of winning Mr C himself… please share this around if you can!

thanks for everyone’s support

Chris & Catherine

P.S. for anyone who wants to pledge for the book but still be in with a chance of pledging for Mr Coconut himself, there’s two ways you can go about making multiple pledges:
1) Use a different email account to make a second pledge (though you will have go through the Kickstarter registration all over again to do this)
2) When you’ve made your first pledge, you’re then offered the chance to ‘Manage your pledge’ (big blue button on the right of your screen). Then you’ll need to change your total pledge amount to cover your bid for Mr Coconut himself and resubmit your total. Then PLEASE send us a message to let us know you’ve done this.

P.P.S. Thanks to Bobbie Kirby in the US for the suggestion of Mr Coconut as a reward!

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