Shopping for a new face…

So this morning, despite a relaxing couple of days with his new pipe, we find Mr Coconut has disappeared… and then we receive this photograph sent to us via a kind stranger, of Mr Coconut browsing our local fabric shop. Apparently, he said once we’d got him back to the studio, he became fed up with only having the single expression, and went shopping for a new face. ‘I want a moustache that can droop, and eyebrows that can show some kind of surprise,’ so he told us.

Unfortunately he came back with the wrong colour face material and now looks like he has jaundice…

Catherine is making him new faces over the weekend – you’ll be able to see them next week in the last few days of the Kickstarter.

Only 8 days of the Kickstarter left! Thank you to all the new backers in the last few days… and if you can, please do share Mr Coconut around!:

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