‘How Do I Feel About the End of My Kickstarter?’

So we’re almost there. Today’s the day we see whether Mr Coconut gets to sell himself in order to ensure we reach our Kickstarter target. But despite all the generous pledges we’ve had (including the bid from Roger Easter for Mr Coconut himself), it doesn’t look like Mr C has sold himself for a high enough price in order to reach the target. Maybe it’s because he’s priceless and was never meant to leave us anyway…

Here’s Mr Coconut examining which of Catherine’s new faces to put on to show just how he feels about that…

So here’s our one last push – if there’s anyone else (any few hundred other people) you think might like to pledge, now’s the time to tell them! Kickstarter link: http://kck.st/1kUApln

thank you all for putting up with us

Chris & Catherine

P.S. We’ve just added information to the FAQ about how to buy multiple copies of the book – we should have been clearer about that before. If you did want more than one copy you just make your pledge amount to the total of all the copies – but make sure you send us a message to let us know how many you want!

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