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What to make of this Dessicated Coconut offer?

Last week Mr Coconut received an email from Indonesia. At first he thought perhaps this was from his most far flung fan. But it wasn’t quite what he expected. Here it is:

Offer Dessicated Coconut
Dear sir,

My name is Rudy from Manado, North Sulawesi – Indonesia.

We would like offer DC as follows :

1. DC Medium and fine high fat 65% so2 max 50ppm  for shipment August to December with the price at usd1700/mt FOB Jakarta

2. DC Medium and fine high fat 65% so2 free for shipment August to December with the price at usd 1700/mt Fob Jakarta

3. DC Medium and fine reduce fat 58% +/- 2% so2 free for shipment July to December 2015 with the price usd1750/mt Fob Singapore, qtty per month 10fcl to 20fcl  x 40ft.

4. DC Extra fine reduce fat 53% – 58% with the price at usd 1600/mt Fob Singapore

5. DC Low fat medium and fine fat content 50% +/- 5% with the price at usd1600/mt fob singapore
We are offer coconut water qtty per month 5000mt, coconut cream qtty per month 2000mt and coconut milk qtty per month 2000mt

Payment terms : L/C at sight

waiting for your reply

Best regards,
We’re not quite sure how to break it to Mr C that people actually sell the produce from which his world is made…
But even if we don’t order any dessicated coconut we are going to send back a copy of the book to Rudy, along with a letter from Mr C…

Kemp Town Carnival Children’s Festival cancelled

So unfortunately for Mr Coconut’s Fantastic Fabric Fantasy Kingdom, the lovely-looking Kemp Town Carnival Children’s Festival that was meant to be on this Sat 6 June has been cancelled… Not enough ticket sales and some regulation-hoop jumping problems…

But we’re still all prepared for bringing the Fantasy Kingdom to another festival when the chance arises…

Mr Coconut’s Fantastic Fabric Fantasy Kingdom at the Kemp Town Carnival’s Children Festival – 6 June 2015

We’re very excited that ourselves and Mr Coconut are going to be part of the Kemp Town Carnival’s first Children’s Festival, on Sat 6 June. The Kemp Town Carnival is a great Brighton street festival that we’ve been attending for many years, but which in 2015 is having a year off from the main street activities to focus on a festival just for children, in St George’s Church in Brighton’s Kemp Town.

So along with other activities and shows such as hapless chef Senor Baffo’s Restaurant and the Puss in Boots puppet show from troupe Bard & Troubadour, Catherine and I will be taking Mr Coconut along to set up a fantastical fabric kingdom. We’ll be making an enormous duvet map of Mr C’s coconut home across the floor of St George’s Church, reading the book to the children who take part, and invite them to make new puppet characters and imagine the parts of Mr C’s story that happen in between the adventures of the book. Who lives in the mountains?  How does Mr Coconut manage to walk through all that snow with such short legs? Exactly how many yetis live in the woods? These and many other questions to be answered and characters to be created and written about…

The Senor Baffo and Puss in Boots shows are ticketed, but entrance to the Mr Coconut workshop and many other activities are by donation only. More information on the Kemp Town Carnival website here, and for updates on the festival see the Facebook page.

Can we use your lovely comments to help Mr Coconut catch a publisher’s attention?

So thanks to our Kickstarter backers who first helped us put Mr Coconut’s book out into the world, we now have Mr Coconut for sale in about six bookshops in Brighton and London… and just last week Catherine persuaded our local Waterstones to stock it as well. Next week we’re doing a World Book Day workshop based on Mr Coconut for a local school. We’ve even just about broken even on the whole project…

Our next task is to try and persuade a publisher to take the book on and publish it properly. I’m not really sure why I feel the need to say ‘properly’ published, since after all it is already a book. But the one thing a publisher can do for us is to actually distribute the book all over the country (and potentially the world). Which whilst we can do ourselves, and have done to some extent, we’d rather spend the time it takes making more books.

But what we need to demonstrate to publishers is that people have actually read and liked our book. And whilst we’ve had some very nice comments about the book via email, text, on the phone, in person, etc, we don’t really have any evidence of this. What would be great is to have these comments all collected somewhere where we can show publishers, and the most obvious place is as reviews on the internet.

So we’d just like to ask that you have previously contacted us in some form to tell us that you liked the book, would you mind just repeating what you have said as a review? Either here on Amazon, or here on GoodReads (or both if you’re extra keen).

Please don’t feel the need to do this if you don’t want to, or don’t know what to say – but if you did like the book we’d love to have it noted! In type. On a website. (Of course if you didn’t like it, you are more than welcome to leave that as a review as well. I’m not going to be so insistent in this case, obviously.)

thanks for your continued help

Chris & Catherine

Book of the week at Victoria Park Books

So we’re very pleased that Victoria Park Books in Hackney, London have made Mr Coconut their book of the week this week. (We especially like Victoria Park Books as they’ve sold more copies of Mr Coconut than any other bookshop.)

Mr Coconut meets his first school audience…

So just before Christmas Catherine and I took Mr Coconut along to a school to meet a proper audience for a reading of his book. The puppet Mr C sat on Catherine’s lap as she read, and afterwards we introduced the children to the real Mr C, inside his coconut.

You can see his coconut in the picture, propped up on the blue box to Catherine’s right. And with the aid of some very small microphones hooked up to wires that we fed into the coconut, the children were able to ask Mr C questions. And he woke up long enough to answer them, say hello and a bit more about what it was like to live in a coconut. And then the lovely class even sang us an impromptu song about coconuts that their music teacher had taught them.

Six-year-olds seem to have no problem with the idea that Mr C is small enough to live inside the coconut. Adults are a different matter, however. The whole afternoon was one of the most enjoyable aspects we have had so far in making the book – actually getting to see children enjoying it…

If you know a school or group who would like a reading of the book, and a Q&A with Mr C inside his coconut, do contact us at We’ve also developed a schools workshop where children can use some of the methods we used for Mr Coconut in making their own book – more details about that later.

Next update: how we’re trying to sell the other 900 copies of the book…

Mr Coconut is officially launched…

Thanks to everyone who Mr Coconut’s book launch at the weekend… was very nice to meet actual readers of the book. We weren’t completely sure they existed.

Selling a book to someone is one thing, but I suppose what anyone really wants when they make a book is to feel like people have enjoyed reading it.

A few pics of the day:

Special thanks to Gallit and Paul who remembered to take photographs on the day… whereas we forgot to take a camera…

Official Mr Coconut book publication and launch tomorrow…

So now that our Kickstarter backers have all had their copies of the Mr Coconut book, it’s time for the official publication and launch: tomorrow, 13 December.

For our launch we’re having a stall at Brighton’s Open Market, where we’ll be making an installation of all the props we used to make the book. The puppet Mr Coconut will be there, along with the real Mr Coconut, inside his actual coconut home. We’ll be attempting a live Q&A with him, using some very small microphones, if we can hook all the technology up properly. And if we can make it in time today there’ll be a rewrite-your-own-Mr-Coconut-book fridge magnet type game…

We’ll be there all day from 9.30 til about 5. Love to see anyone who can make it down!