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Mr Coconut book cover

Mr Coconut’s book is now published! You can order a copy below. (Kickstarter backers: you can buy cheaper additional copies! See further down the page.)
If you’d like to see some of the insides, have a look at the first few pages here.

Mr Coconut book
(£7 + P&P)


If you live in Brighton you’re quite welcome to come buy a copy from us personally, and so won’t have to pay the postage – just email and we’ll let you know where you can pick one up.

PDF download

You can also buy an electronic version of the Mr Coconut book to read on tablets and screens. We’ve made a PDF version for the download because we think it looks better than the Kindle version from Amazon, since the PDF version allows you to enlarge the images. (When you’ve paid you’ll receive an email with a download link):

Ordering a copy of the book automatically adds your email address to our mailing list – you receive an email asking for confirmation that you want to be on the list, so if you do not, please just ignore the email!

Special discount for Kickstarter backers for the rest of time

For all our lovely backers who supported the Kickstarter project (without which the book would never have been published at all): any additional copies of the book you buy will be at the special backer price of £6, including postage (£5 extra for worldwide). A forever cheap price. (Just buy via the button below, we’ll recognise your name.)

extra Mr Coconut books for Kickstarter backers (incl. postage)


Please note: we will send out copies first class as soon as we can. But it’s just us the authors doing the sending, so please bear with us! We hope to get books with you within 3–4 days of your order.

Any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.