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Can we use your lovely comments to help Mr Coconut catch a publisher’s attention?

So thanks to our Kickstarter backers who first helped us put Mr Coconut’s book out into the world, we now have Mr Coconut for sale in about six bookshops in Brighton and London… and just last week Catherine persuaded our local Waterstones to stock it as well. Next week we’re doing a World Book Day workshop based on Mr Coconut for a local school. We’ve even just about broken even on the whole project…

Our next task is to try and persuade a publisher to take the book on and publish it properly. I’m not really sure why I feel the need to say ‘properly’ published, since after all it is already a book. But the one thing a publisher can do for us is to actually distribute the book all over the country (and potentially the world). Which whilst we can do ourselves, and have done to some extent, we’d rather spend the time it takes making more books.

But what we need to demonstrate to publishers is that people have actually read and liked our book. And whilst we’ve had some very nice comments about the book via email, text, on the phone, in person, etc, we don’t really have any evidence of this. What would be great is to have these comments all collected somewhere where we can show publishers, and the most obvious place is as reviews on the internet.

So we’d just like to ask that you have previously contacted us in some form to tell us that you liked the book, would you mind just repeating what you have said as a review? Either here on Amazon, or here on GoodReads (or both if you’re extra keen).

Please don’t feel the need to do this if you don’t want to, or don’t know what to say – but if you did like the book we’d love to have it noted! In type. On a website. (Of course if you didn’t like it, you are more than welcome to leave that as a review as well. I’m not going to be so insistent in this case, obviously.)

thanks for your continued help

Chris & Catherine