The books arrive!

Mr Coconut’s books are here. Finally made it through customs in Southampton and dumped unceremoniously in a big pallet outside the studio.

So now we have 1000 copies of the book stored away. Next job: to sort them all out and package them all up for all our Kickstarter backers and for those who have pre-ordered the book…

This is going to take us a couple of weeks – our expected date for delivery for anyone who pre-ordered the book is still December 13. If you’d like to you can of course come and receive your copy in person from us at our book launch stall at Brighton Open Market on the day of Saturday 13 December. If you can’t make that we will be sending out all the other rewards so that they arrives as soon after the 13 December as possible.

And in the meantime the two of us shall be visiting some shops to see if we can persuade anyone to stock it, as well as making the ebook version to be sold online.

And if anyone still wants to pre-order the book at the cheaper price, that will only be available until 12 December…

Next update: the book launch

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