Studio visit #3

So last Friday we had the third of our studio visits from Kickstarter backers. This time from Chris’ parents, so naturally we roped them in to doing more than we usually asked of studio visitors.

We’re down to solving the last few problematic pages, one of which is the sky for one of the final spreads. Here’s Chris’ mum sewing multiple stars for our third attempt at a sky:

And here’s Chris’ dad building more of the cityscape. We weren’t just sitting back drinking tea, honest:

And then we made them both hold up the stars for ages whilst we photographed them (sorry Mum, rather obscured you out of this photo):

So thanks very much to my mum and dad for their help. With these pages just about complete we are almost there – the next couple of weeks will be spent tweaking. We’re hoping to get the files sent off to the printers a week earlier than planned, which means the book will hopefully be sent out to backers a week early.

[Next update should be: files off to the printers…]

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