Photography day #1

Today was a first day of photography for the many props that Catherine has been making in the last couple of weeks. From the storyboard plan of all the pages that we now have on the studio wall we have to work out what angle for each prop photograph – but it’s not really obvious that we’ve got it right until it’s put into Photoshop.

As I said in the last update, some of the pictures (and therefore some of the story) are influenced by the mechanics of the photography, or rather discovering that an idea that seemed fine in our heads doesn’t actually work. (Today we discovered the difficulty in making Mr C stand up properly in order to be photographed.)

Here’s a few of the pics from today:

And some of them being cut out and placed into Photoshop. (You’re not going to get to see much – we don’t want to give away the story).

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been in touch with just about all of the backers who selected our Self-publishers reward, and who are going to spend some time with us in the studio in June and July. We’ll be getting these backers to help us with some of the photography, which will probably mean some of their problem-solving ideas will end up in the book.

Also: we’ve had a couple of enquiries from people who missed out on backing the Kickstarter but still wanted to pre-order the book. So we’ve made a pre-order page on the website. (There’s a special lifetime discount rate for all backers, though obviously you won’t actually want any more copies yet when you still haven’t received the first one.)

thanks for your support

Chris & Catherine

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