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Mr Coconut’s armchair

Lucky boy! Mr Coconut now has his very own cosy chair. In fact he’s having trouble getting out of it. I covered a small green plastic chair with rolled up chunks of duvet and carefully stitched them down.

This is the last prop before we are ready to shoot our final scene for the Kickstarter video – then we will make the very first double page spread for the book, so the Kickstarter page can show what the pages will look like. Hopefully ready to launch it in January…

Top secret behind the scenes shots

So up to now we have been learning lots of new ways of making a video for Kickstarter so we can raise the money to make our Mr Coconut book ourselves…. and by going through this filming process we have come up with new ideas for our book. We hadn’t actually planned it out to work like this but got so excited by some of the ideas that came up during the creative process that have changed our style from 2D to 3D stitched illustrations.

We’ve also been influenced by inspiring folk in the studio, especially the filmic genius Richard and have taken their feedback onboard…

This time we have been up to our ankles in high tech special effects. In order to convincingly get Mr Coconut to have an appropriate walking pace we worked very hard and had to angle the dowel at just the right position to get a believable swing to his stuffed felt clad hands. In order to do this we rigged up a state of the art ‘broom – steered’ lever ( see picture )

IMG_9731 copy

Chris paints the jigsaw white for the next shot and we literally watch the paint dry for Mr Coconuts big igloo scene. We have borrowed a photographic tent which is just perfect for filming Mr Coconut hard at work putting his ‘all-white’ jigsaw puzzle together….


Whilst the paint dries Catherine grapples with the duvet lining here to get the interior of Mr C’s home just right!


The duvet will also be used as the background for the illustrations in the book…And as it gets chillier, a lovely knee warmer.